Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mr. Blog and I are friends now...

How's it goin reader?

 This is my very first blog.  

     To be honest, I used to dislike the idea of a blog.  In an inhibiting mixture of timidity and slight distaste I didn't know what folks were talking about when they encouraged me time and time again to start a blog.    Having very little experience with blogs in general, I didn't fully grasp the fact that this was a really cool compliment. But what would I write about? In some ways I still wonder, and as I type my first post ever, I try to remember how I got here exactly.  

     Well, over the last year I've perused quite a few different blogs and I realize what a cozy/quirky little community blogs can create, even if only a handful of friends stop by to read your blog.  And, I even found creative people just like me, all who enjoy the same aspects of, say, baking casseroles like I do.  As I grew to like the whole idea a lot better, I learned that some of my own friends, family and acquaintances write incredible blogs.  Now I have a long list of favourites.  

     Deeply inspired, I decided I would write about something.  Anything.  Why not? I want to enjoy the journey and write about some of the artistic energy that I, an average crafty girl, receives and enjoys here in San Francisco.
So, please follow if you like and see what happens. 

Until next time,


P.S.  Thanks for the encouragement y'all, you know who you are :)

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